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List of Best Affiliate Programs in India

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You might have seen a or many successful affiliate marketers out there and you are wondering how did they succeed? Where did they join as affiliate marketers? And so on


You are looking to earn an extra income or second income or passive income? That too online? Well, then you are right place. Who does not love second income? After all, it can make your life more comfortable.

One of the best ways to earn money online as Second income or Extra Income or Passive Income or maybe as Primary income is Affiliate Marketing.

It is one of the best and established online business models and Affiliate Programs in India allow you to do that (affiliate marketing). And our goal in writing this article is to help you understand it.

Let’s then discuss & learn Affiliate Marketing and Affiliate Programs.

What is Affiliate Marketing or Meaning of Affiliate Marketing?

(Or How do I start an affiliate marketing business in India?)

What is Affiliate Marketing

As a concept it is not new, it has been around for decades.

It (Affiliate Marketing) in simple words is earning money (mostly online) by recommending other individual’s / Company’s products or services.

It is also mostly called performance marketing because you (affiliate) are paid only when the sales happen.

You may be having (or you can start with) either a Blog, Website, Facebook Page/ Group, YouTube Channel, or Instagram Account. Now all you have to do is find a Relevant Affiliate program(based on your niche) then sign up there, promote a merchant’s product (the one you have selected from the affiliate program) on your medium (either a Blog, Website, Facebook Page/ Group, YouTube Channel or Instagram Account) as an affiliate and earn money on each sale through your efforts.

So mainly three parties are involved in affiliate marketing: a business (here let’s say affiliate program for better understanding), an affiliate, and a customer.

What is an Affiliate Program or Network or Platform?

As discussed earlier, It is a business arrangement where a business (affiliate programs) pays an affiliate for each sale made by them. This is the simplest arrangement where three parties are involved namely a business, an affiliate, and a customer.

But many times affiliate programs do involve four parties namely an affiliate program, a business (seller of the product or services), an affiliate, and a customer. The most famous and pioneer of such an affiliate program is Amazon. Its affiliate program is known as Amazon Associates (Here also mainly four parties are involved).

What to look for when choosing an Affiliate network in India?

  1. Examine the Affiliate programs website. Check out its products or services, its reputation both as an affiliate marketer and as a customer. This point is very much important because you would not like to promote a bad product or service. Even you would not like to promote such products or services of such affiliate programs which has a bad reputation for making payment of an affiliate’s commissions. Your success depends on this factor the most.
  2. Examine the payment (Commissions) offered by the program is even worth it in comparison to the promotion efforts that you will be making. Commission rates vary from 1% to 80%. In the case of products, mostly it will be between 1 -20% and in the case of services, it can be up to 80% also. Then check whether the payment method offered by the affiliate programs is feasible or convenient to you or not? Further, also assess that affiliate commission is payable only on new customers or for each and every sale.
  3. Check the product’s competitiveness. Is it good enough against its competitors?
  4. Check out the market saturation level. Some niche has too many affiliate marketers and hence it is overcrowded. Such niche will take more time, money, and effort to convert.

So these were few basic points to remember while choosing an affiliate program. Your overall aim should be to promote anything which is reputed and value for money for customers. (Please note that these points are not comprehensive so just like any other business you will need to think on your own and proceed)

The Future of Affiliate Marketing in India

“Affiliate marketing has made businesses millions and ordinary people millionaires”

-Bo Bennet

As seen in the quotes by Mr. Bo Bennet, Affiliate Marketing is beneficial not only to businesses but also to the ones who promote them (affiliates).

Affiliate marketing indeed has a very bright future not only in India but also in the world at large.

Keeping theory and affirmations aside let’s see what numbers and statistics have to say about Affiliate Marketing Industry in India.

According to IAMAI(Internet & Mobile Association of India), the digital commerce market had predicted that this online market will touch $50-$70 billion by 2020, and the affiliate marketing industry in India will rise to ₹ 835 million marks by 2025*.

Further, according to a report by IBEF (India Brand Equity Foundation), E-Commerce Market in India is predicted to grow to US$ 200 billion by 2026*.



What are the Advantages of Affiliate Marketing?

There are several advantages of Affiliate Marketing to the affiliate marketer.

Let’s check them out.

  1. You are free to choose your affiliate program
  2. You have a low initial setup cost(Compare the cost of a Product manufacturer or a Service Provider).
  3. You have a low maintenance cost. (Think of warranty or post-sales support to be provided by the manufacturer or complaint resolution mechanism to be provided by a service provider)
  4. It can be pursued along with any other job or business.

Now that we have understood about Affiliate Marketing and Affiliate Programs let’s check out the top or best affiliate programs in India. Do save them or bookmark them and use them to make a great deal through your efforts. You too can become rich and famous with affiliate marketing. Dream it to achieve it.

Top/ Best Affiliate Programs in India

List of Best Affiliate Programs in India

Best Online Shopping/ E-commerce Affiliate Programs in India:

  1. Amazon India (
  2. Flipkart (
  3. Snapdeal (Mostly through Affiliate networks or programs)

Best Web hosting affiliate Programs in India:

  1. GoDaddy (
  2. Big Rock (
  3. Reseller Club (
  4. HostGator (
  5. Bluehost India (
  6. Hostinger (
  7. Siteground (
  8. A2hosting (
  9. Wpx (
  10. Greengeeks (
  11. Interserver (
  12. Milesweb (
  13. Bluegeekhosting (
  14. Cloudways (

Best Job Affiliate Programs in India

  1. Career Builder (
  2. (
  3. Fiverr (

Best Matrimonial Affiliate Programs in India

  1. (
  2. (

Best Fashion and Lifestyle Affiliate Programs in India

  1. Myntra (Mostly through Affiliate networks or programs)
  2. TataCLiq (
  3. Limeroad (Mostly through Affiliate networks or programs)
  4. Ajio (Mostly through Affiliate networks or programs)
  5. Biba (Mostly through Affiliate networks or programs)
  6. Firstcry (Mostly through Affiliate networks or programs)

Best Health & Fitness or Medical Affiliate Programs in India

  1. Medlife (
  2. StayfitIndia (
  3. 1Mg (Available through Affiliate Networks)
  4. Medlife (

Best Makeup and Cosmetics Affiliate Programs in India

  1. Bodyshop (
  2. Nyka (

Best Travel Affiliate Programs in India:

  1. TripAdvisor (
  2. MakeMyTrip (
  3. Yatra (
  4. Oyo [( & (]

Best Insurance affiliate programs in India:

  1. Liberty Mutual (

Best Other Notable Affiliate Marketplace Programs in India:

  1. Optimise (
  2. Cuelinks (
  3. Komli (
  4. Nearbuy (
  5. Admitad (
  6. Vertoz (
  7. clixGalore (
  8. iCubesWire (
  9. Mindtech Affiliates (

Now that we have seen the best affiliate marketing websites in India now let’s discuss briefly various ways to promote affiliate products

4 Ways to Promote Affiliate Products like a Pro

#1 PPC (Pay per Click): Promote your affiliate products directly through search ads. Every time a visitor clicks on your link you will have to pay for it. This method is both difficult and easy. Difficult because if not done in the right way then it will cost you a lot and easy because if you know how to do it right then you make a fortune out of it. But also remember that not all businesses and affiliate programs allow you to do this. Think if it was so easy then why the business or the affiliate program have hired you (affiliate marketer)

#2: Social Media Marketing: Promote the products through social media channels. You can share it on your timeline, in your group, or any such relevant groups, or through boosting your post(paid ads).

#3: Email Marketing: If you have an audience belonging to your niche on your email list then nothing like it. Email marketing is one with the highest ROI (return on investments).

#4: WhatsApp Marketing: Again If you have the contact numbers of your audience then you may promote your products through WhatsApp.

Questions People Ask about Affiliate Marketing or Affiliate Programs in India.

Let’s see few questions which many people ask for. (Hopefully, we have answered the following questions: What is affiliate marketing?, What is an affiliate program /network/platform? , Advantages of Affiliate marketing, and we have also seen lists of affiliate websites in India.)

Once an affiliate marketer signs up in an affiliate program and when he selects a/any of the available product/s, for each of the selected products he/she is given a unique link(which contains the affiliate marketer’s referral id or user-id). This link has an expiry date that ranges from 1 day to a lifetime.

So for example, if an affiliate link has a 1-day expiry limit then if the customer purchases the product or service within 1 day from clicking the link and visiting the business website (or sales page of the product or service) then the affiliate gets paid for it as per the terms & conditions of the affiliate program

Similarly, if an affiliate link has no expiry limit (lifetime validity) then the affiliate gets paid for it as per the terms & conditions of the business or affiliate program whenever the customer purchases the product or service after clicking the link and visiting the business website or sales page of the product or service.

Once the customer clicks the link and visits the sales page, it is tracked till its expiry date and time. If the sales happen during that time, the affiliate marketer is paid for it. This is the way affiliate marketers are tracked and affiliate links work.

2.Is it easy to do Affiliate marketing?

No. Like any other business it is not that too easy. It has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. And like any other business, it will take a considerable amount of time, effort, and money. But that said, it is easy as compared to other mainstream businesses. (Check the advantages of affiliate marketing section for more details)

3. How does an affiliate program work?

Please refer to the Affiliate marketing meaning and What is an Affiliate Program? section.

Final Thoughts

As the famous quote goes

“Rome was not built in a day” — by John Heywood

Achieving success in any business or your personal goals takes time.

You need to do it consistently.

The more you do it the better you will become at it.

Did you find the article helpful? Do leave your comments below


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