Affiliate Marketing Tools That Every Affiliate Marketer Should Use

(For existing & to be Affiliate Marketers)

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Want to be successful in Affiliate Marketing? Then you will have to learn and make use of the best affiliate marketing tools at your disposal.

These tools will help you in numerous ways from not only saving time, and money but also earning it. 

In order to help you select those tools, I am writing this article to make a comprehensive list and get started with as many tools as feasible.

You can build your empire only if you learn, master and make use of it.

[Disclaimer: The following list consists of many WordPress plugins. Although all these plugins are good enough and have a good reputation, still we advise you to test these plugins on a demo site first before installing them on your live site.

Disclosure: This content has a few affiliate links, which means if you click on them, I will get a commission (without any extra cost to you).]

List of Affiliate Marketing tools/ Affiliate marketing softwares:


Spy Tools:

These are the tools that help you to get data about a brand’s online advertising activities. You can get data (only if the advertising platform or network is supported by the spy tool) of online ads for your own brand, your competitor, or any other company doing online ads on prominent networks and platforms and, the successful advertising strategies used by other brands. 

Let us check these spy tools:


It is one of the best ad spy tools. It allows you to track competitors profitable ads across following format:

  • Desktop
  • Mobile 
  • Native
  • Push
  • Ecommerce
  • Enterprise

With the help of these six different tools gives you a lot of data like for e.g. data on market trends, product and store value etc. 

It also helps to analyze online markets and track your competitors’ ads.

It provides comprehensive data as it supports 75 countries from 5 continents. 

Further it provides a great search and filter option to get data relevant to your need.


This tool is similar to Adplexity but the difference is that it monitors and analyzes only Native Ads.

Tracking Tools: 

Is it important to know where we are going, when we have a predetermined destination goal? I think you will say yes. 

Similarly, in affiliate marketing it is very much important to know whether our campaigns are converting or not? Only by knowing that we make those tweaks and changes, whenever required.

In order to track and measure our campaigns we need to use tracking tools. 

Below is the list of such tracking tools:


This tool is a market leader in the tracking software niche. It helps to Track, Optimize and Automate campaigns. 


This tool helps to track, manage and optimize ads across all devices, channels, and platforms. With the help of granular reports and automation it offers you can make smart decisions and improve your ad performance.


It is one of the low cost one stop solutions for online advertising challenges viz., for tracking, managing, analyzing, optimizing and collaborating.

It offers 1,00,000/- per month free events tracking in its free basic plan. Regular plans start from $ 49/month.


 It is a self hosted ad tracking platform. It does not charge you based on events but it has a server based license. Its plans starts from $ 69/month


It helps to track, manage, analyze, optimize and monetize. Its plans start from $29/month.


It is a premier AI tracker designed for desktop, mobile and web to measure all your traffic in real time. Plans start from $ 39/month. 

Domain Registration: 

This is the most basic service needed for registration of your domain for your business. Registering your domain with a reputable domain registrar is always recommended instead of having it registered with the help of a hosting service provider as it may help you to save transfer fees in case you may need to change your hosting service provider.

Here are the two best domain registrars:


One of the most reputed and oldest domain registrar, having started in the year 2000, it provides domains at best prices with a good discount for initial payment terms.


Started in the year 1997, it is also another one of the most reputed and oldest domain registrar. It is said to be one of the biggest domain registrar in the world.


This is the most basic tools/ service which you as an affiliate marketer or any other online marketer will need after registering the domain name.

Below mentioned is the list of top notch hosting service providers as per our review. I have personally used some of them and have heard personal reviews from my partners about the remaining.

All these service providers provide different plans with different features. You are requested to do your research to find out which all features you will be requiring.


It is one of the most consistent top ranked and well reputed hosting service providers. It provides affordable and reliable hosting packages. You also get a free domain with its certain hosting packages.


It is said to be offering one of the fastest managed hosting plans. Its plans starting from $24.99/ monthly(for 5 websites with 10 GB storage) are costly but still considering the quality of service you are getting makes it a worthy deal.


It is another one of the highly ranked and recommended hosting service providers. Its plans are starting from $14.99/ monthly. It has a special price of $4.99/month for the first year if paid for the annual plan (4.99*12) and it renews at the regular price mentioned above. Again this service provider’s plans are costly but are worth it against the quality of service you can get.


It is a managed cloud hosting service provider. It provides the option to choose from 5 cloud providers. Its plans start from $10/month.


It is also a good hosting service provider. It provides multiple packages for hosting across different technologies. Its plans are affordable, basic plans are starting from $2.75/months.


Interserver is a reliable & affordable leading full service hosting provider. In $5/month you get unlimited storage with unlimited data transfer.


Founded in 2012, it is one of the most affordable hosting providers. If you can purchase a 3 year plan then you can get an 80% discount making ₹200/month just ₹40/month.


It is a versatile and affordable hosting service provider that offers decent uptime and good customer service across different types of hosting. Its plans are starting from $1.39/month.

VPN Services: 


It is one of the best secure and reputed leading VPN service providers, making available 5300+ servers across 59 countries to choose from and allowing you to link up to 6 devices from one account. 


It is known for simplicity & stability. If you want an easy to use VPN then look no further than SaferVPN.

Landing Page Builder & Design Tools: 

These are the tools which help to make you a page in your website with a single goal. Unlike other pages on your website these pages are laser focused on the goal for which it is made. For example landing page can be a lead generation page or a product or services sales page.

Here is our list best landing page builder tools:


It is a no code easy to use landing page builder tool. You can choose from 300+ templates to create your landing page or take inspiration from them.


It is a great tool to help you maximize your conversions. It is not just a tool, it is a platform offering six different tools. Its basic builder plan starts from $299/year if you choose a monthly payment option, otherwise it can cost you $199/year if you pay the amount upfront for the year.


It is a beautiful landing page builder helping you build high converting landing pages either from 100+ templates or completely from scratch. Its plans start from $79/month.


It is a great all rounder landing page tool. Its plans are starting from $27/month to  $237/month. 

Swipe pages:

Even though this is a new product it has great features and has huge potential. It’s plans start from $19/month.

Email Marketing: 

These are the tools that help you to capture and manage and nurture your leads through emails which you cannot do with traditional emails.

Thrive Leads:

Thrive leads from Thrive suite is a great tool for building your email list. It is a bundled product, you cannot buy that product individually. For annual plans starting $19/month it is worth the price for what it offers.


It is one of the most popular email marketing tools out there, which has one of the most generous free plans for upto 2000 subscribers with monthly email send limits upto 10,000/-.


It is a top of the line email marketing and sms platform built for small businesses. It provides great features along with email and sms starting from $25/month.

Campaign Optimization: 

Campaign optimization is very much necessary to get the most for the money spent on the campaigns. Below are the few tools recommended by us.

The optimizer:

It is a hassle free campaign management software allowing you to manage multiple traffic sources from a single platform.

Adespressso by Hootsuite

Again with this tool, you will be able to create and manage campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, and Google helping you save your time to enjoy your profits.

SEO Tools: 

These tools inspect web pages, websites and give suggestions to improve your search rankings. It also provides information on backlinks, keywords as well as SEO competition.

Here is our recommended SEO tools list:


To get your competitors detailed analytics be it SEO, Paid Traffic or Social media, this is a must have tool.


With the help of this tool you can get technical SEO analysis of your own site as well as your competitor’s site.


A very well respected tool, it is a SEO & competitor focussed tool.

Below are on site SEO optimisation WordPress plugins/ tools. 

All in one SEO, Yoast Seo, Rankmath

You can use any one of them. By the way I am currently using “Rankmath”

Keyword Research: 

It is said that SEO is very important in each and every niche. And in SEO, more importance is given to Keyword Research. For finding those Keywords, Keyword research tools are required. So here are a few popular tools to help you find those Keywords.

KW finder:

With this tool you can find long tail keywords with a great ease.


This is a leading tool by Neil Patel. You can use this tool to easily find keywords as well as do competitor research.

Google Ads Keyword Planner:

It is the father of keyword research tools from Google itself. Even though with quite basic features you can use it always to begin your keyword research journey as it is a free tool.

LSI graph:

You can use this tool to find Latent Semantic Indexing keywords. These are the keywords that have a relationship to the primary keywords.

Video tools: 

Video tools are the tools with the help of which you can create, record and edit your videos.

Here is our list of such tools:


It is a powerful video creator and editor. If you are a beginner I recommend you to start with this tool and then move to other more advanced Video tools.


Similar to Inshot, this is also a video creator and editor tool. It is beginner friendly.


It is a top ranked and fully featured Video tool. You can select from its multiple  packages and platforms license most relevant to you.


It can help you to record and create professional looking videos with a great ease. This tool can be purchased with a one time fee and then you can buy yearly maintenance or upgrade license at reduced rate.

Final Cut pro:

It is an Industry leading, Apple ecosystem restricted tool. But it is dream tool for all professionals willing to make great professional videos.

Adobe Premiere Pro:

Again an industry-leading Video software from Adobe, is a dream tool for all video enthusiasts and professionals. This Software comes in different packages with cloud-based platforms on a monthly or yearly subscription. It is one of the most expensive video software.

WordPress Themes:


Affiliate Booster:

It is one of the best themes for affiliate marketing websites made specifically for affiliate marketing by veteran affiliate marketer Mr. Kulwant Nagi. This theme along with its plugin will eliminate the need for multiple plugins.


It is one of the most recommended wordpress themes. Even though it is not specifically made for affiliate marketers, it is still recommended for every niche including affiliate marketing as it is an extremely fast, lightweight and customizable WordPress theme.

Generate Press:

Another popular WordPress theme known for its speed, stability and accessibility is a really good option for affiliate marketers.

Bonus Affiliate marketing resources/ tools: 

Excel Sheet (I don’t think it needs any introduction or description, it has numerous use cases), Flippa (For buying and selling websites), Google Alerts ( for Affiliate Product Notifications ),AdThrive (for Improving Website Ad Performance), Pretty Links (Link shortener), ((Link shortener), Screenflow (Video recording and editing software), Loom (Video recorder for your screen and camera)

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is affiliate marketing?

It is referral marketing, in other words, an individual or business is paid a predetermined percentage of the product’s selling price for the sale made because of his/her/its recommendation.
For a more detailed answer, Check this article:  How to start affiliate Marketing?

2. How to get started with affiliate marketing (for to be affiliate marketers)?

To get started with affiliate marketing, I suggest first decide your niche, start a blog on that niche, build your audience, find a reputed product related to your niche and then you can promote that product to your audience.

For a more detailed answer, Check this article:  How to start affiliate Marketing?

3. What are affiliate marketing tools?

Affiliate marketing tools are the tools used in the process of marketing your affiliate products.

4. Which basic tools are needed to start with affiliate marketing(for to be affiliate marketers)?

All the tools above are recommended but if you are a complete newbie then I recommend as follows:


Milesweb, only if you are short on budget, otherwise go with WPX.

Google Keyword Planner and Ubersuggest


Mailchimp, if you want to start with free tools/ plans otherwise go for Swipe Pages.

5. Which are the best affiliate marketing tools for beginners?

You can use any of the tools mentioned in this article even as a beginner but in case you want to start with basic tools then you can refer to question number 4 for its answer.

6. What are the advantages of using affiliate marketing tools?

The advantage of using affiliate marketing tools is that they help in both saving your time and earning more money.

7. Which are the best affiliate marketing WordPress plugins?

Affiliate booster and RankMath plugin are the best for affiliate marketers.

8. Where can I learn affiliate marketing?

You can learn about affiliate marketing by going through its courses or youtube videos. In case you want to go through its courses here is my article: List of affiliate marketing courses

9. Which are the best free affiliate marketing tools?

These are a few best free tools: Google Keyword Planner, Mailchimp, Rankmath, Ubersuggest.

10. Can you provide a list of affiliate programs?

You can check out my article on the List of affiliate programs: Click Here. 

11. Which are the best WordPress themes for affiliate marketing?

I will recommend you to go for Affiliate booster theme or Generate Press theme for affiliate marketing.

Ready to start your Journey?

I am sure you must have gained huge insight on all these amazing affiliate marketing tools. 

Now it’s time to start your journey. 

I will say spend some quality time on your skills, developing your knowledge in your niche and start with the basic set of tools mentioned above and then slowly and gradually go with the paid ones as per your requirements.

In case you have already started out, then accordingly go with the paid tools best for you.
Whatever stage you are at? Either beginner or pro. I would love to hear from you which tools you liked? Or have I missed any tool which you think should be in this list?  then please comment below in the comment section. 

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